Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kick-Off….Only 7 Months Late.

I originally wrote this post on Aug 10...yes, it took me this long to get it up on the site.

I’ve been trying to think of a good way to kick off this blog chronicling our move to France. Initially, I imagined a narrative telling the stories – good and bad – of why we decided to take on this adventure, how the move progressed, and where we were living at any given moment.

Then, reality struck…

TC started his job in France in January so I manned the home front and tried to organize us for the move, as well as the normal stuff with 4 kids. Every afternoon I thought, “Tonight, is it. I will write a compelling, funny, touching essay about moving across the world.” Then, the kids got home from school, I took them to (insert activity – gymnastics, swimming, basketball, karate,…), helped with homework, made dinner (OK we went out to eat way too much), picked up toys/clothes/shoes/backpacks, folded laundry, managed baths…you get the idea. By the time evening hit and the youngest in bed, I could hardly take a shower, let alone write a compelling, funny, touching essay. Oh, and did I mention I was also supposed to be learning French, too. Yup, you can guess how that’s going but more on that later.

So to summarize and bring you long-distance friends up to date, TC’s winter and spring consisted of him flying back and forth often being a country for days before getting on another flight, all the while sorting out his new job. While my 2010 to date has involved getting the house in the market, figuring out what to take vs leave, planning multiple birthday parties and a wedding shower (thank goodness my sisters took on most of that event), and of course all the other day-to-day activities and general life.

The week after school let out for summer the movers came. I had everything – down to every last sock and Lego – sorted and ready with the highly sophisticated plan of “that pile to France” and “that other pile to Ohio.”

My wonderful family and neighbors helped out the week prior so we were ready to go…sort of. My fab Mom and bro’s Matt and Dave helped me paint furniture, but it wasn’t quite dry in 4 days when it was loaded into the truck. In my haste to keep up with the laundry I washed all the pillowcases and I don’t think any got on the boat to France (on the flip side, every mattress pad did go to France so I didn’t have any in Ohio). In the way kids will be kids, they wanted to “help” and rearranged all the toys that my spectacular Aunt Mary and cousins Daniel and Alexa separated (“But I want all my toys with me. I don’t want to send any on the boat to France.”).

Alias, the moving company brought the container that actually would go on the boat. All the France piles were boxed, the furniture was disassembled and all loaded with about 5’ of a 40’ container to spare (note this fact, because it will come into play later). Everything left in our house went to Ohio into the condo we are renting. Movers delivered everything to Ohio on a Friday and TC went back to France on Saturday. My fam helped so much set up our temp digs in Ohio. Although, 6 wks later I still have boxes from the office to go through and figure out what paperwork we need in France.

We’ve spent the last month+ hanging out with family, visiting friends in PA, quickly seeing Chicago and catching up. My kids have enjoyed living in Cortland (they think it’s the party capital of the world since we are usually there for an event) and being able to walk to important places like the park, Dairy Queen, their grandparent’s house and their cousins’ house. No offense to anyone, but the DQ seems to be the biggest draw. The biggest challenge has been getting an Internet connection at the condo where we are living and a lack of cell phone coverage. I managed to figure out the Internet connection in time to leave but at least it will be ready when we are back for the holidays.

So, now that you’re all up to speed. I’m on a plane…hint, hint…

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